Method of preparing Indian mushrooms

Indian mushrooms

The Indian mushroom, or so-called kefir, is a very popular beverage in many regions around the world. It was discovered in the Caucasus, specifically by the shepherds who discovered that when blending Indian mushrooms with any kind of milk such as cow’s milk, It ferments, turns into a delicious gaseous beverage that brings happiness to the soul.

The Indian mushroom offers many benefits to the body, as it treats stomach diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatism and arthritis, and prevention of malignant tumors or cancers, in addition to blood diseases such as poverty, malnutrition problems and many more. In this article we will learn how to prepare Drink at home.

Method of preparing Indian mushrooms

Indian mushrooms are popular in some countries of the world, especially the eastern and northern parts of the European continent, such as Russia, Belarus, Romania, Norway, Finland, Sweden and many other countries, as well as the United States of America as a basic drink for people who follow a certain health system , Where the Indian mushroom is taken in the form of a drink such as milk, after consulting with the doctor to determine the appropriate dose, which is prepared through the preparation of the necessary ingredients and follow the following steps.


  • Two tablespoons of Indian mushrooms (kefir).
  • Two hundred and fifty milliliters of milk, or equivalent to a quarter of a liter.
  • Pottery pot.
  • A clean piece of cloth, preferably from linen or gauze, to allow air to pass into the pot.

How to prepare

  • Mix the Indian mushrooms with the amount of milk in the pot.
  • Cover the container with the cloth.
  • Leave the bowl for a whole day at room temperature, without stirring or touching it.
  • Filter the prepared mixture using a non-metallic filter and be ready to drink.
  • Mineral equipment may not be used to prepare Indian mushrooms, as it may turn into a toxic substance.
  • It is worth mentioning that it is possible to wash the fungus after using it the first time and reuse it again, by washing it with cold water and filtering it.
  • Wash the bowl, which is prepared with Indian mushrooms with soap and water.

It is noted that the Indian mushroom is characterized by the taste of acid, which may not be desired by some, so it is preferred to mix with other types of natural fruits or frozen taste with sweet, and other flavors as desired, and eat with sweet pancakes.