How the mullet works

Fish, mullet

Mullet is a species of fish that is popular with many. It is found almost everywhere in the world, especially in temperate and warm coastal waters, some of which live in freshwater such as lakes and rivers.

The mullet fish is fatty fish, which has great benefits for human health than other species, where it contains high levels of minerals, fatty acids and vitamins.

How the mullet works

To prepare this rich tasty dish there are many ways to mention here the best and easiest to apply, which is as follows:

Grilled mullet fish

  • Ingredients (enough for 6 people):
    • Keluan of mullet fish.
    • Two medium onions and two medium-sized mushrooms.
    • Two small pandora.
    • A bunch of celery chopped with medium bread.
    • Three cloves finely chopped garlic.
    • The fruit of the lemon to clean the fish.
    • The fruit of the lemon is cut into strips.
    • Quantity of flour.
    • olive oil.
    • Spices (salt, black pepper, soft ground cumin)
  • Method:
    • Clean the mullet well, using a sharp knife, cut from the bottom of the fish belly to the nostrils, and remove the bowel and wash it from the inside again.
    • In a deep bowl, place the following ingredients: onions, tomatoes, celery, garlic, spices, and mix well to spread the flavors.
    • Open the fish’s belly and cover it with the previous mixture.
    • Bring an oven tray (preferably covered with aluminum foil so that it is easy to clean on one side, until the fish’s fluid is gathered and the flavor is concentrated) and sprinkle with oil.
    • Place the flour in a large bowl, and soak the fish in the flour until it is completely covered.
    • Put the fish in the Chinese, and the proxies immediately until the oil is distributed on both sides of the fish.
    • Spread whole lemons over the fish, and add them to the lemon slices in a beautiful and soft way.
    • Operate the oven at the highest temperature until it is well heated, and insert the fish tray on the bottom shelf of the oven.
    • Leave the fish for about 20 minutes or until red from the bottom, then heat it from the top and remove it from the oven.
    • Place the mullet in a suitable dish and round it with lemon slices, small lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes.
    • Fry the mullet with plain rice or plain rice, as well as some salad, pickle and bread.

Fish fried mullet

In order to prepare the fried mullet you will need the same ingredients as the past, except for the filler mixture, because you will not be able to fry the stuffed fish to get the mixture out of it, so follow the same steps to clean the fish from the outside and inside and dip the fish from the inside with spices used in the previous method. Soak the flavors, then cover the fish with flour and put it on high heat in heavy oil, and reduce the fire after two minutes until the fish from the inside.